Excellent Water Solubility N-octadecylalkyl Diquaternium Salt

N-octadecylalkyl diquaternium salt

Alias: N-octadecyl diquaternary ammonium salt; N-octadecyl propylene diamine ammonium dichloride

English name: N-octadecylalkyl diquaternium salt

Properties: Contains two bismuth nitrogen atoms, which have stronger bonding ability and adsorption capacity in metals, plastics, fabrics and mines. The compound with nonionic and amphoteric surfactants can be further improved and water soluble. Sexuality also increased significantly, and the emulsifying power was strengthened.


1. Double quaternary ammonium salt cationic surfactant emulsifier, can be used as asphalt emulsifier, ore flotation agent, fiber fabric finishing aid, metal processing additive.

2. Injecting water sterilization for oil fields.

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