What does concrete foaming agent mean?

Concrete foaming agent, also known as foaming agent, is mainly used in the preparation of foamed concrete. Under certain conditions, the foaming agent can produce foam in concrete through chemical and physical changes to form closed or connected hole structures.It can not only save cement, reduce the density of concrete, save energy, benefit green production, but also improve the working performance, mechanical performance and durability of concrete.This paper briefly introduces the types of concrete foaming agent


1. Types of foaming agents

Foaming agent is one of the key technologies in the preparation of foamed concrete, its performance is good or bad directly affect the air content of fresh slurry, liquidity, and the volume of a casting body stability, and ultimately affect the apparent density and strength of hardened cement paste。

The foaming principles of foamed concrete include physical foaming and chemical foaming.Physical foaming is to make use of the surface activity of the foaming agent so that the bubbles introduced in the stirring process do not merge and overflow and disappear.Chemical foaming generally refers to the use of chemical reactions of substances to produce gases, which are wrapped in the concrete, resulting in a large number of pores.


Chemical foaming agents use only hydrogen peroxide and aluminum powder

Physical foaming agents mainly include rosin, synthetic surfactant, protein and compound types

(1)Rosin is the first generation of foaming agents.It mainly includes rosin soap and rosin hot polymers

(2)Synthetic surfactants are the second generation of foaming agents.This kind of foaming agent has the advantages of easy foaming and high foaming times, but it has the disadvantages of thin foaming wall, poor foam stability and great influence on concrete strength.

(3)Protein is the third generation of foaming agents, which are divided into plant protein and animal protein.Vegetable protein foaming agents include tea saponin type and saponin type.Animal protein foaming agents include hydrolyzed animal hoof horn, hydrolyzed animal hair and hydrolyzed blood glue.

(4)The compound type is the fourth generation of foaming agent, which is no longer a single component, but is composed of multiple functional components.


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Appearance: yellow brown solid

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1.Supporting the bubble for a long time.

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3.With strong emulsification and dispersion function.

4.With strong compatibility, and can make formulation with Anionic, cationic and non ionic types of and surfactants.

Partial usage:

1, Used as foaming agent and foam stabilizer for detergent and other detergents.

2, Used as foaming agent and foam stabilizer for mortar king and other construction industry .

3, Used as foaming agent and foam stabilizer in light building materials and other industries.

4, Used as foam agent and foam agent in daily chemical industry .

5, Used as foam stabilizer in oil and gas extraction process.

6, Used as foaming agent and foam stabilizer in various industries.